covid update:

We have just received the following update from UWCM:

On Friday 18th June President Museveni revised and updated all the directives he issued on 6th June 2021. This followed the bigger numbers of people dying and more COVID-19 cases registered.

1. All cross-boundary and inter-district movement suspended for 42 days. NO movement of public transport or even private vehicles across districts. Boda Bodas are not allowed to carry passengers but only cargo.

2. Curfew time in the next 42 days will be observed between 7.00 pm to 5.00 am.

He promised that the government will continue to explore all ways of fast tracking the acquisition of enough vaccines to vaccinate a critical mass of our population to ensure the country returns to normal operations.

On 17th June, Uganda received 175,200 doses of AstraZeneca and more were being expected. The President directed that these doses be prioritized to give a second dose to those who already have their first dose.

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