UGanda in 2nd lockdown: update from UWCM

On 7th June 2021, President Museveni of Uganda announced that the country was to undergo a second, 42-day lockdown.  We would like to share this update, received on 17th June, from Lornah Wamono on behalf of UWCM:

I wish to thank you for the concern, your prayers and encouragement as we face and go through the second wave of COVID-19 in Uganda.  Some staff members have not been well in the past two weeks due to cough and flu, which are some of the symptoms of coronavirus, but it is well and by God’s grace we are all safe and healing steadily.

The second wave has become so infectious and left people in a state of panic. Many are sick and dying in big numbers and it is sad to note.  In these past months, Uganda has lost a number of government officials and church leaders, our relatives, immediate family members and friends who have succumbed to COVID-19! The number of new cases is increasing daily and the Intensive Care Units (ICU) in hospitals are full to capacity. By yesterday, Uganda registered 64,521 new confirmed cases; deaths – 459; yet, some in the communities go unreported and many die in homes! Those vaccinated are about 777,805 (health workers, older persons, soldiers, teachers etc.). This is a small percentage, moreover, not even half way of the population! The demand for oxygen goes up. According to reports, one COVID-19 patient in ICU can consume 20-30 liters of oxygen per minute and this is a challenge. Most hospitals have run out of COVID-19 vaccines, however, the government is making efforts to secure additional doses (vaccines) to cover the targeted groups to have the 2nd dose, and then other groups will follow. However, there are conspiracy theories that the vaccine is toxic and is intended to kill Africans. God forbid.

People are discouraged from moving into and out of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono (Greater Kampala) because this is where most of the cases are concentrated. Other places include districts in Northern Uganda and Eastern region, Mbale and Tororo inclusive. It is the reason the President banned cross-district travels.

UWCM‘s activities during this lockdown period will be carried out only in the district of Mbale until the President lifts the ban to work in all districts. There is generally inadequate or no food in homes because the first harvest has not yielded much food because of unpredictable weather.  Staff will provide families with psychosocial support eg food, medical and basic household items.  They will conduct home visits to check on the progress of children and families with health issues and will deliver sewing machines and tools to groups in that area.  They are also planning to deliver materials for shelter construction in 2 communities and to monitor the progress of these shelters.

Prayer points:

* Healing and deliverance from pain for sick people in our families and communities. All staff have one or more people that are sick in their homes and it impacts on service delivery

* Nations of the world to be delivered from COVID-19.

* Bereaved families because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

* Staff safety and wisdom to handle things.

We continue to thank you for every help given and God bless.


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