UWCM regularly visit homes of the most vulnerable and needy within their communities and this has been especially important during the Covid restrictions as many families have been struggling to find enough food and/or pay for medical fees. During these visits they are able to counsel and encourage the families and offer advice and guidance as well as pray with them, and give items such as nutritious porridge flour (instead of the cheaper porridge flour many families use which fills you up but lacks nutrition); sugar and soap. They also monitor progress of those for whom they paid medical fees eg a young girl called Christine who had a bad skin complaint which resulted in her not wanting to go outside of her house, was prescribed cream and was also given food to supplement her diet and UWCM were very pleased to see that this small intervention is already proving a success.

UWCM visited Sylvia, a lady who we met in January 2020, and who sadly had been very poorly with stomach upsets and pain but had not been able to afford to go to the doctors for any medication. UWCM gave her rice, sugar, silver fish, ground nut paste, salt, cooking oil and washing soap plus 5,000 Ugandan shillings (just over £1) and encouraged her to go for a medical check up and treatment. They have since re-visited Sylvia and her health has improved and she is grateful for our support which she said is a blessing to her.


  1. Such amazing work going on.

    So good to hear that with prescribed cream and food supplement that Christine skin is improving.
    Also about Sylvia, her health is much better and she feels blessed for the continued support.

    Lovely seeing the pictures and reading the updates.

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