news from LWANGOLI p&p

UWCM staff held a one-day meeting with the Centre Guides and church leaders from Lwangoli to remind them of their roles and responsibilities to the children who attend the Prayer & Porridge Club namely: to love and mentor the children; to get to know their parents/guardians in their homes; to help the children understand why good relationships are very important for them to grow in order to become good stewards of God’s love no matter what their denominations; to check and make sure the children receive their porridge and to remind the children and parents to contribute towards items, eg firewood. Our funding also allowed UWCM to pay school fees and distribute scholastic materials eg books, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, sets to a small number of Primary 7 candidates for which they and their parents were so grateful and gave thanks to God.

One thought on “news from LWANGOLI p&p

  1. Fantastic work UWCM, as always helping the most vulnerable, little things to us like Christine getting face cream and extra nutrients , she now feels ready to face the world!
    My heart goes out to all the work you guys are doing , Covid has been the most horrible thing, but you have dealt with it , as you do with compassion and kindness. Thankyou UWCM. God bless you all

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