Microfinance training is CHANGING LIVES!

UWCM have been training and encouraging Womens’ Groups to set up microfinance schemes for many years and one of their newly formed groups called ‘Tunyi Glory’ have been so successful that the local district Chairman reported that there has been a reduction in Gender Based Violence in homes and in the community as a whole. Tunyi Glory has 38 members, most of whom are young mothers who are very hard working and developmental, and on a recent monitoring visit the staff of UWCM were very encouraged to see how successful they have been. Many husbands testified that life is now good because they no longer carry the responsibility of taking care of the family needs alone since their wives now make a contribution. The women are able to plan and save for their children’s school fees plus buy food and essential items without continually having to ask their husbands for money. The group are very grateful to UWCM for their training and support and have asked for further training on how to make bio gas, record management, parenting skills and marriage issues.

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