UWCM’s work continues despite many challenges

Despite many challenges this year eg changes in weather, vehicle breakdown, rising prices and covid restrictions, the staff at UWCM have continued to work tirelessly supporting, training and encouraging hundreds of individuals, families and groups.

With our funding they have been able to continue to provide sewing machines to groups who are able to make and sell reusable sanitary pads, face masks, clothes etc; support and encourage groups to build new shelters for the most vulnerable within their communities; run training sessions on topics such as women’s rights, leadership skills, group dynamics and how to choose a good income generating activity with the aim of empowering women with knowledge and skills so that they become self-reliant and good leaders within their communities; provide food parcels and pay for medical fees for those in greatest need; offer psycho-social support to people living with AIDS; support groups with the rainwater tank revolving fund; monitor and support Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge project where many young children and teenagers have enjoyed training sessions on various age related topics, learning new craft skills plus receiving a nutritious meal once a week.

These are some of the comments made by beneficiaries after receiving support from UWCM:

I kept asking myself what will happen to me when I die but now I have the answer. You will buy a coffin and bury me in peace. I thank God that I have got a friend who is now my relative. Thank you very much and God bless you”. Oliver after being given a new home for herself, her children and grandchildren.

Who is me that you always think about and meet my needs?” Jackson, who is blind and disabled and who UWCM have supported for many years.

”How can a Christian organization all the way from Mbale come to help one of our own, yet for all these years we have stayed with her and  we could not help her? It is a big shame. May God bless that Organization. Because of this, we are going to build for Sauda a better permanent shelter”. Comment made by the leader of a Muslim community where UWCM had been supporting one of their women, Sauda.

One thought on “UWCM’s work continues despite many challenges

  1. The struggles never end , but they all have a wonderful never ending love for god. I think back most days wondering how things are for these beautiful people who were so welcoming to us , and always hopeful that we shall meet again X

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