Update on Water Project

10 x water tanks were delivered to members of Namisindwa CMT at the end of 2019 and UWCM told us that   ‘activities in the center of Namisindwa almost came to a standstill as people came to see something they have never seen before! ‘ 

“We have one point where we get water from and it is very far from where I live, but since I got this water tank it has not only helped my family but many families around. Sometimes the water can get finished the same day but when there is continuous rain it only takes about 20 minutes to fill up and life is made easier.  I have become a blessing to many people in this are.  May God bless UWCM.” Alice, a widow and member of Namisindwa CMT

Please click HERE to learn more about our Rainwater Harvesting Project which is being supported by Kenn Road Methodist Church in Clevedon  


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