Rainwater Harvesting

In 2017 there was a severe drought in parts of Uganda and many of the community groups realised the importance of rainwater harvesting and asked UWCM for advice.  As Trustees of Uganda Concern UK, we decided that we would like to support a rainwater harvesting project – especially as this is a community led initiative.

The World Health Organisation specifies that 50 litres of water per person are required every day for basic sanitation, and 75 litres are needed if household members are to be fully protected against disease. But in rural areas most Africans use, on average, only 30-40 litres of water, and in the remotest areas as little as 4 litres per day.

In comparison, every person in the UK uses on average 142 litres of water each day (Energy Saving Trust).

UWCM work in very remote and rural communities where households do not have running water and although there are some water taps/pumps, many rely on the local river or stream for their water supply. A simple step such as installing a rainwater harvesting tank would enable families to have access to their own supply of water throughout the year and would reduce the amount of time spent each day on fetching water from the nearest source, as well as improving basic health and sanitation.

Final details of this project will be published as soon as they are agreed but if you would like to have any further information please use our contact form.