Jim’s first visit to Mbale

Jim Ransom is the Pastor at Bridget and Steve’s home church – Faversham Gospel Mission in Kent – and this was his first visit to Uganda.  Jim has expressed so eloquently the impact that this trip has had on his life:

Waking up to the sound of Black Ibis laughing at the Sun, while guard dogs howl at their flight above, its 6.30 am in Mbale and all around me I sense the town waking up. It’s like a shout that is gathering in intensity, volume and brightness. I wish I could bottle this. But then I will meet someone and hear their story, and the victory cry of morning turns oh so swiftly into a lament of mourning and sadness. Life goes on, I have never met a people who having so little but wish to share so much. Truly humbling experience, a place of breathless beauty and grace!


3 thoughts on “Jim’s first visit to Mbale

  1. Your words Jim have made my heart beat faster with the excitement and intrepidation of our forthcoming visit this year to carry on the work that Sue started last year . I have so many things to ask you and need to find out about our trip , so we must keep in touch . Great getting to hear about your experience. Thank you, Penny .

  2. Thank you penny, I loved every minute of my trip, I laughed a lot and perhaps cried even more, I was truly humbled by the love and kindness shown by so many, I believe that this visit was truly both life affirming and life changing. It was a great joy to witness first hand the work that is being done and to see God move in so many different ways, He is faithful.

    Much love


  3. Penny, would love to catch up , back 6 months now and can’t get Uganda out of my head and cannot wait to return
    Blessings, Jim

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