Jan 2019 – Ramba Shifubi Women’s Group

Another Women’s Group the team visited last week was the very successful ‘Ramba Shifubi’ group. Last year, a team from Frodsham Community Church visited Ramba Shifubi and took some reusable sanitary pads which were given to the most vulnerable girls who drop out of school due to lack of money to buy disposable pads.  The Women’s Group desired to have a sewing machine and someone to train them so they could make the pads themselves to distribute to the most needy girls and also to use as a small IGA (income generating activity) for the group.  Frodsham Community Church managed to raise enough money to buy several sewing machines and a lady called Sue Morton who knew of UWCMs work,  went out  to train the women last summer.

Ramba Shifubi Women’s Group initially made 100 reusable pads which they distributed for free to the most needy people – especially school aged girls from poor families. The group continue to make and sell the pads for an affordable amount which raises funds for group activities and savings.

UWCM realise that lack of sanitary pads is one of the main reasons for the high level of school drop-outs and so they organise training sessions for other communities and take members from Ramba Shifubi with them to share their skills.

With our funding (Sarah’s Shelters), Ramba Shifubi group also build new shelters for the most needy families in their community and the team visited one family who was a widow with 11 children.  They were living in a very small, leaking shelter and you can see them standing outside their new shelter which is much larger and has an iron sheet roof.

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