2019 – Tunyi Women’s Group (Sarah’s Shelters)

On Tuesday 15th January, the team visited Tunyi Women’s Group to meet the family who had been chosen to benefit from a new home.  The group (all volunteers) work together to construct a traditional style shelter and, as you can see,  Bridget was enjoying  helping out with the mudding!    The family have 7 children and were living in a very dilapidated shelter with banana fibre roof and crumbling walls and our funding (Sarah’s Shelters) pays for the iron sheets for the roof plus nails and fixings as well as purchasing the land and specialist skills (if necessary).  You can just see the  new shelter which has been built directly behind the old one.  Members of the Women’s Group provide all the labour (VERY hard work!) and poles for the wooden structure.

In between helping with the mudding, the team enjoyed playing with the children (balloons are ALWAYS popular!) and Tom, UWCM driver, amused himself with a homemade car that someone had made!

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