Jan 2019 Community Visits

The team visited CMT’s in the Bududa area earlier this week to see how they were coping after the floods at the end of last year.  This is Steve’s report: ” There is so much tension in this area that UWCM staff are very wary when dropping off basic supplies and convening the whole CMT as it raises too much attention and there is a serious risk of the vehicle being mobbed.  Therefore, 2 pre-arranged drop offs were made to a few CMT members in places where we could make a quick exit!”

Steve sent a photo of the small stream that carried the flood waters, huge rocks and uprooted trees when the crater lake burst last October. The second photo shows the stream on the right of the photo and Matooke now grow to the right of the road where a house once stood. The floodwaters came down and washed away the home. It was market day which resulted in a higher death toll.  The primary school at the bottom of the road had 2 classrooms washed away but mercifully the children in those buildings had just gone for break.  The last photo shows temporary accommodation which has been provided by the government.


One thought on “Jan 2019 Community Visits

  1. This place completely blew me away, locals told us that rocks fell from the sky.. Father God, move in power and bring healing to this area,

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