Some community work starting up again

Now that some lockdown restrictions have been lifted, UWCM have managed to buy and deliver more water tanks and sewing machines to communities which have been very gratefully received.

Groups have been trained on how to make face masks as well as the re-usable sanitary pads and families receiving the water tanks have built their own concrete base and will provide guttering and downpipes.  There had been a lot of heavy rain which meant the lorry couldn’t reach some of the communities so Tom safely delivered 3 of the tanks using UWCM’s Land  Cruiser which has 4-wheel drive.


2 thoughts on “Some community work starting up again

  1. This is brilliant news , well done to Tom , his driving is legendary!! Nothing will stop him , bless his heart. I do hope to go back next year , fingers crossed 🤞 love to you all xx

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