Coronavirus Update

We have just received this latest report from UWCM on the COVID 19 situation in Uganda:

President Museveni provided a new timeline as the country continues to lift the lock down. He said that, “Apart from social distancing and other measures, the biggest safety measure is putting on the right masks. Therefore, the directive of the easing of the lockdown is to have compulsory wearing of masks for all adults and children above 6 years”.

He allowed shops dealing in general merchandise to operate with effect from 26th May. Re-opening of schools will take place on 4th June but only for candidate classes of P.7, S.4, S.6 and Tertiary and University students who are finalists only. This is to ensure social distancing and overcrowding in schools.
Public transport i.e. buses, mini buses and taxis opened on 26th May (50% capacity) and private transport was also allowed provided there are only three passengers in the vehicle.
40 border districts will remain in lockdown for a further 21 days.

These are some of the measures put in place:

  1. Shops selling general merchandise will open provided they are not in arcades and shopping malls.
  2. No brokers at the parks and stages. The boda bodas (bicycles) and tuk tuks (tricycles) are not allowed to carry passengers.
  3. Bars, night clubs, salons, gyms, saunas, swimming pools remain closed.
  4. Curfew remains for 21 days.
  5. Hotels and food restaurants can open provided the clients observe social distancing.

With the above restrictions, UWCM will not be able to engage in the usual general community activities, but we can visit a few families around the office to provide psychosocial support e.g. food distribution, medical support, counselling etc.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks & Sewing Machines: staff are now able to resume purchasing and arranging delivery of the water tanks and sewing machines which will be gratefully received by the communities. Although whole groups are not yet able to meet together, the machines will be distributed to individuals and UWCM are encouraging them to not only continue making the reusable pads, but to begin making facemasks as it is compulsory for everyone to wear them.

Here are some photos of the families who recently received maize flour, beans, soap, sugar tea leaves, rice and cooking oil:

One thought on “Coronavirus Update

  1. Thank you for the update of the slight easing of restrictions enabling support to be given, water tanks to be provided again and the sewing machines to be put to even more valuable use. Praise God.

    Paul L

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