Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge – 19th Jan 2020

We went to St Stephen’s church at Lwangoli this morning – normally there are approximately 100-150 children but word had got out that there would be some ‘Muzungus’ coming and porridge being served so there were 300+ children there today!!

This is where the new Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge project is based.    After the service the children all queued patiently for a bowl of porridge and a banana and then the fun started!    We had to quickly decide on the best way to entertain 300 very excited kids with 7 balls and a giant tub of bubbles!! Organised chaos but great fun!

Terry Game, Bridget Withell, Sarah Parker, Graham Roberts,
Carolyn Waite, Penny Sims, Pete & Janelle O’Keeffe

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