Community Visit – 19th Jan 2020

We were taken to visit a lady called Skovia today who is 24 years old and a Thalidomide victim.  She has 3 young children and is living in this small home – 1 bedroom with a mattress for her and her children and she cooks in the other small room. 

Ramba Shifubi Women’s Group are building a new home for Skovia and it should be completed by March as it is constructed in layers and each layer has to dry completely before the next is added.    But they can’t afford to provide the roof timbers or the iron sheets for the roof or the wooden shutters for the windows and doors.   

This is just one of many individual needs we have seen in our first week and it is overwhelming at times.   But it is so humbling and inspiring to witness first-hand the care and compassion shown by UWCM staff and the volunteer Women’s Groups who are working so hard to care for people like Skovia and makes us determined to do all we can to support them.

Terry Game, Bridget Withell, Sarah Parker, Graham Roberts,
Carolyn Waite, Penny Sims, Pete & Janelle O’Keeffe

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