UWCM’s report on the mudslides

UWCM staff visited the area affected by the landslides and Lornah Wamono sent us this report:  It was on Thursday 11th October 2018 in Bukalasi Sub-county when Sume River burst its banks.  Unlike the 2010 disaster where many parishes were affected by the mudslides, this time round about five different villages of Malaandu, Nyeke, Shitokho, Luwanda and Namalira in Sume parish, Bukalasi Sub County were affected.

On 16th October, four members of staff of UWCM  conducted a fact finding mission to Bududa. They met with the Local Government officers and also visited the scene of the land slide and observed the state of confusion and hopelessness of the people in the area.

Most infrastructure was washed away and a number of people and property lost. Two established market centres on the slopes of Mt. Elgon and one Sume Junior Academy primary school were completely decimated. There were broken, buried and washed away bridges, houses and church structures. Crops, gardens and animals were destroyed. Roads have been impassable with a lot of rubble after the tragic landslide. The population threatened and affected is approximately 150 households which is about 800 families and this is very sad.

According to the district leadership, there was evidence of overwhelming state of helplessness all over the place with almost every survivor young or old failing to know what to do or where to go next. H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, visited the area and pledged his support towards burial arrangements for bereaved families. The government of Uganda through the Prime Minister’s office provided food items and other basics which were distributed to affected families. Several institutions, individuals and groups e.g. Red Cross, World Food Programme, World Vision, Food for the hungry, Mbale Coalition against poverty (MCAP), Schools, Churches, different local governments etc., visited the area and gave a helping hand. “As a district we appreciate all support given by the different groups and stakeholders to rescue the affected people. However, more is still needed since there are more people who are poor and require help”, the members said.

UWCM will continue monitoring co-ordination efforts with the district disaster teams on ground, existing local Churches and other humanitarian agencies for possible interventions and implementation. We shall be grateful for any possible emergency response and interventions, information sharing because the situation on ground is still pathetic and calls for immediate help.



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