2019 Children’s Conference: 8th -11th Jan


Two of the UCUK Trustees, Steve and Bridget, together with Bridget’s sister, Barbara,  and Jim, Pastor of Gospel Mission in Faversham, are in Mbale for the next 3 weeks to help with the Children’s Conference and to visit other projects funded by UCUK.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Be strong and courageous’ and there were officially 70 teenagers booked in, but an extra 4 turned up and no-one had the heart to turn them away!  Most of these young people are burdened with responsibilities that leave little free time for fun, education, singing or just enjoying a hearty meal.

This week won’t change their home situation, but they will be better equipped with tools and resources to meet the challenges.

Steve has sent a few photos and news of the conference:

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One thought on “2019 Children’s Conference: 8th -11th Jan

  1. I’m inspired, so encouraged by the news of your visit in January. Sorry its taken so long for me to respond to the email sent in May 😦 and to connect with this fabulous website. Your commitment to this work is humbling and I continue to pray that God will bless all that is done in his name through UCUK (UWCM).

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