Prayer & Porridge

PRAYER & PORRIDGE was initiated by a lady called Sarah Watundu whose husband had died from AIDS in 1989 leaving her alone, HIV+ and with 10 children to care for.In 1994 she became ill with AIDS and turned to UWCM for help.  Sarah responded well to the ARV treatment which UWCM paid for her to receive and she went on to be trained as a Community Counsellor which enabled her to support and encourage many others who were dying from AIDS.

Sarah’s home became a safe haven for the many orphans and other village children where they would receive some food and drink but, above all, someone to listen and care for them. UWCM trained Sarah in basic first aid and found her a larger house and, for the next 2 years, Sarah continued to support the children in this way and provided a weekly bowl of porridge for approximately 40 young children.

As the number of children increased, UWCM approached Pastor Matiya and the community at Sakiya to work together to give their support and Pastor Matiya opened up the church to allow more children to come each week.

Thus Sakiya Prayer & Porridge project was formed and is still running today with approximately 200 children registered and Sarah is still a member of the church!

Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge was formed in October 2019 and we originally committed to fund this for an initial 2 years.  After seeing what a huge impact the project has had not only on the children, but the community as a whole, we are delighted to be able to continue funding this project.

The aim of each Prayer & Porridge project is to provide support, counselling, prayer, Bible study, a nutritional meal, games & activities, plus assistance with school fees and scholastic materials whenever possible to very vulnerable children. It gives the children a real sense of belonging and increases their feelings of self-worth and confidence.

• Improved health among children
• Increased self-esteem, confidence and behaviour
• A sense of hope for the future
• Children are encouraged to go to school and assistance is given with scholastic materials and school fees whenever possible
• Some have gone on to complete their education and have become nurses, teachers, car mechanics, drivers and are now able to support themselves

Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge

This new project was set up in October 2019 and is based at St Stephen’s Church, Lwangoli. Currently, there are 158 children registered (with a waiting list of at least another 158!) and they meet every Saturday from 2—5pm. (more…)