Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge

This new project was set up in October 2019 and is based at St Stephen’s Church, Lwangoli. Currently, there are 158 children registered (with a waiting list of at least another 158!) and they meet every Saturday from 2—5pm. It is run by volunteers from within the church and overseen by UWCM. The children are split into 4 x groups according to their age and enjoy Bible stories, drama, singing and games plus, of course, a nutritional cup of porridge plus banana/egg/nuts. We also aim to provide scholastic materials (exercise books and pens) to as many children as possible as otherwise many will not be able to attend school.

• Overwhelming numbers of children and demand for services
• Some children have health challenges that need attention by doctors
• Some children have to do casual work digging peoples’ land in order to secure their scholastic materials which leads to child labour, makes them reach school tired, late and sometimes absent thus affecting their performance in class.

It costs approx £1 per month to support 1 child in this project!
There are currently 158 children registered but we would love to be able to support more.
If you would like to make a one-off or regular donation, please see details on our Giving Page or email us on:  ugandaconcernuk@live.co.uk

“It’s a blessing for our community to have a children’s club. This has had an impact on our children by changing their behaviour and by reading and understanding the Bible. They are always happy for Saturdays and the parents and guardians are very happy that their children have got a chance.”

“Our children will know one another through this programme.”

“Our children’s health shall be improved due to the feeding programme. Some of us parents are unable to take care of our children but thank you UWCM and our donors for coming to our rescue.”

Below are a selection of photos and videos taken during our visit in January 2020: