Sadly, yet again, heavy rain triggered flooding and landslides last month in the Mbale region with homes, vehicles, crops and bridges being washed away and at least 29 people reported to have died and hundreds of families displaced and properties destroyed. It wasn’t just rural areas which were affected, the floods submerged the main roads in/out of Mbale and the petrol station where Tom, UWCM’s driver, normally gets the fuel was completely washed away and one of the pump attendants sadly died whilst trying to rescue others. University buildings and hotels in the centre of Mbale were also flooded and vehicles washed away.

The Uganda government have been setting up temporary camps to re-settle those whose homes were washed away and also distributing food parcels but the process is slow. UWCM have been able to support 22 families by providing them with food, soaps, clothes etc



  1. This is heartbreaking. Feel so sad for all those lovely people affected by this.I do hope our friends are safe and you are over the worst . Much love to you all .

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