Why a 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential for UWCM’s ministry to continue

UWCM’s mandate is: to serve the poorest people in the hard to reach communities and areas or places. We work in the Elgon Zone/region which has seven districts namely; Mbale, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa, Bulambuli, Namisindwa, and Kapchorwa. Some of these areas are deep in the mountains where most of the other partners cannot go or reach because of the terrain and bad road conditions.

As such, UWCM are dependent upon having a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle to cope with the terrain, particularly during the rainy seasons.  They are still using the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is 24 years old and donated second hand in November 2012 by Tearfund and Stromme Foundation but it is becoming more and more costly to maintain and repair/replace parts.  The team that went out in June of this year experienced first hand how challenging the roads can be and one trip had to be cancelled as the roads were impassable.  Without a suitable 4-wheel drive vehicle, UWCM will be unable to continue their ministry and so we are trying to secure funding to keep their current vehicle on the road whilst investigating the possibility of providing a replacement vehicle.

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