Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge

This project continues to thrive and is making a real difference in the lives of so many vulnerable children in the Lwangoli community. UWCM have held meetings with church leadership to encourage them to contribute towards the development of the project and to secure it’s sustainability and as a result the church has agreed to have monthly collections for the children later in the year when the community members have harvested their crops. The children are also taking an active part in the services and the leaders thanked UWCM for their support and training.

This quarter UWCM were able to distribute 600 exercise books plus pens and pencils and pens for Primary and Secondary children and contribute towards the school fees for 9 primary age children. They also bought 100kg of maize flour and 50kg sugar for the weekly bowl of porridge which is always enjoyed! On club days, UWCM and the centre guides hold class sessions covering different age-related topics plus Bible study, games and sports. During lockdown they held smaller craft sessions and one young man, Brian, was very proud of the fact that he had made a pillow case last year and then recently made it into a bag to carry his books.

One thought on “Lwangoli Prayer & Porridge

  1. Hi Terry. Just looking on the website at the prayer and porridge work that UWCM does, and looking for new ways to help. No bright ideas yet (you’ll be glad to know) so I’ll just keep praying.
    Keep up the good work all of you.
    Your reward will be great.
    G. x

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