Much to the delight of the children, parents and guardians, government restrictions have begun to ease slightly allowing the very popular Saturday club days to resume albeit with greatly reduced numbers.  20 children per week are now able to meet together to play, receive teaching/counselling and, of course, enjoy porridge, fruit & an egg.   Some school years are also starting back and we have been able to pay the school fees and registration fees for 8 x Primary 7 candidates all of whom come from extremely vulnerable families and the parents were ‘overwhelmed with joy when they were told that the fees and registration costs were covered’. 

UWCM also continue to visit and monitor individual families helping with medical fees, offering advice and encouragement, providing support with food supplies etc.  The vast majority of these families are living in extreme poverty and without the support of UWCM would not have the resources to resolve their situations.  We had met one such young man, Ben (see photo), during our visit in January 2020 when he was very depressed as he was suffering from a huge infection on his face plus osteomyelitis in his leg and his future looked grim.  UWCM staff took him for treatment and after a long course of antibiotics plus an operation and physiotherapy, Ben is recovering well and his life has been transformed.  He became a Christian in November 2020 in the church where his mother attends and his health has greatly improved.  He has been busy taking care of his goat and pig and also supporting his mother with home chores. This is just one example of how our support has been able to transform someone’s life.

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