Thursday  –  We visited Nakatsi Landslide Women’s Association in Bududa to help with the ‘mudding’ of a new shelter (traditional home) which the group had built for Olive and Andrew.    Their home had been washed away in the landslides towards the end of 2019 and, tragically, 4 of their 7 children also died.    Our funding enabled UWCM to buy a piece of land for them and also paid for the iron sheets for the roof plus doors, windows, nails etc.   

We then spent some time teaching the women how to make reusable sanitary pads which are in great demand as girls often have to miss school for a few days each month due to lack of protection.    We bought 2 new sewing machines for the groups and had taken out all the necessary materials with us.     We had also taken out several hundred pairs of knickers which were distributed to each of the groups we visited as women and girls in these remote communities often only have 1 pair of knickers which are kept for special occasions.

Finally, here are a couple of photographs of our group together with the staff of UWCM:

Terry Game, Bridget Withell, Sarah Parker, Graham Roberts,
Carolyn Waite, Penny Sims, Pete & Janelle O’Keeffe

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