In addition to providing basic scholastic materials to some of the most vulnerable children in various communities, we also fund individuals identified to us by UWCM who without our support would not be able to complete their education.  

Although primary and secondary education in Uganda is free in Government schools, the children still have to provide many ‘extras’ including uniform, exercise books, pens, pencils, text books, exam fees, as well as practical items such as brooms & toilet paper which many families are unable to afford.  

Often, due to difficult family situations, it is preferable for the children to attend boarding schools which are more expensive (in addition to higher fees, they have to provide items such as: mattress, wash bowl, mosquito net, bed sheets etc) and we are always guided by the advice and recommendation of UWCM as they know each individual case.

We are currently sponsoring several young people through their Primary and Secondary School education as well as others through their Further Education courses.  These include Primary School Teaching Certificates; Early Childhood Studies and a degree course in Information Technology.

As well as individual sponsorship, our funding also allows UWCM to provide exercise books, pens and pencils for OVCs (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) in various different community groups. Most group members also contribute some money from their savings activity to help these children but it is never enough because the number of vulnerable children is so high. Community Groups are always very grateful for this additional support.

We also aim to provide exercise books, pens and pencils each quarter for children who attend the Prayer & Porridge Groups.

Testimonies from young people sponsored by Uganda Concern UK:

It is with great and utmost humility, honor and joy that I write this letter to applaud you for your endless love, unconditional kindness and unseasonal care and support that you have given to me which has enabled me to complete my certificate course in primary teaching. It has not been so easy on my side being a total orphan and being HIV+ve and having lost all hope in school since I was once a drop out and I seemed not to have hope in life. But thanks be to God for your kind intervention that you have brought a smile on my face and happiness in my life. I now have hope and peace. I am trusting God for employment and soon I will be self reliant.               Florence.

 I am writing to say thank you for being good parents to me. You have been so kind and loving to the extent of supporting me in my studies. I happen to come from a poverty stricken family and I am in my third year of my teaching course of Early Childhood Education and I am due to complete this year in May 2020. Your kind support has enabled me to reach this level.                                                         Esther

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