Children’s Conference

Happy childhood experiences are often treasured throughout our lives. Life can be tough for many Ugandan children, but the annual residential conference organised by UWCM and funded by UCUK gives approximately 70 disadvantaged children/teenagers from rural communities a chance to really enjoy themselves over five days during their January school holiday.   It is held at a local secondary school and offers an opportunity to raise the children’s self-esteem and emphasise how much God loves and values them. The days are filled with singing, dancing, bible teaching, games, craft activities and teaching sessions relevant to their needs. Some children, especially orphans, can feel isolated but as they make new friends and realise that others have endured similar experiences, their isolation is reduced. The children go home better equipped to cope with life and its ongoing challenges.

We have funded these conferences for 13 years now and it’s encouraging to meet up with young adults who attended years ago and readily testify to the benefits and positive impact it had on their lives.

The conference costs £2500 each year to fund which includes the running costs, school rental, food, catering team wages and a gift (usually a sheet or blanket) for each child to take home.