Gravity Flow Water system

We were very pleased to visit a GRAVITY FLOW WATER SYSTEM which has been installed by the government in the Simu district.  Although the rainwater tanks that we have supplied have been a great blessing, they are obviously only useful in the rainy season and so we were delighted to learn that the government has constructed a huge tank high up in the hills above this area and laid pipe work from the tank down to the road.  People are then able to pay to connect to this system and run a pipe from the road to a standpipe next to their homes giving them access to clean water all year round.  Unfortunately, the cost of the pipework is still prohibitive for some families, particularly those who live further away from the road.  We were taken to visit Moses who has connected his home to this system and has even bought an additional tank which he has connected to the water tank funded by UCUK, and he allows members of the community to come and use this tank for free which is a real blessing to this community.

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