We are helping Benon achieve his dream

During our visit in January we met an incredibly humble and inspirational person called Benon. Despite being blind since the age of 2, Benon’s dream was to become a teacher so that other blind children can be inspired and encouraged to go on and achieve their dreams. He is a very well educated and dignified man with a wife and 3 young children and had already completed the first year of a degree but had to pull out due to lack of funding and he told us he ‘was beyond happy’ when we agreed to sponsor him through the remainder of his course! With the help of Esther, UWCM’s Programmes Officer, Benon was able organise all the necessary paperwork, accommodation etc to enrol at Makerere University and Esther also bought him new clothes, shoes, personal items etc so that by the time we left Uganda, Benon had already joined the course. This is a 3 year course and we are confident that Benon will work hard and achieve his dream.

Benon running along the road to meet us – his boys are holding his hands to guide him
Benon reading from the book of Galations

One thought on “We are helping Benon achieve his dream

  1. Hi Terry,

    Thank you.

    An impressive young man. May he fulfil his dream through the opportunity now given him.

    God bless,


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